Friday, December 11, 2009

Out of My Leauge?

Okay, so this story requires a back story. See last spring I met this guy at the gym, let's call him Todd. Now Todd was a good looking guy in the "I work out every day of my life" kind of sense. He is what some may call a "gym rat". Now, I need to make it real clear that I do not view the gym as a place to meet people. I look at the gym as a place to go and work out and sweat my ass off, imagine that! I do not look pretty when I am working out. I sweat in weird spots (under my boobs, back sweat, etc) and I huff and puff and things jiggle that shouldn't necessarily be jiggling. So yeah, the chances of someone asking me out on a date at the gym are slim to none. But lo and behold, Todd did. See he was trying to get women to join so martial arts class he was teaching, so he started the conversation by asking me if I wanted to take the class. This quickly led to him asking me if I was single, (ya know the natural progression of a conversation.... wanna take a martial arts class? are you single?). I said no and he then asked me if I would like to give him my phone number. I thought why not? and so wrote my number down for him, thinking heck, he might be good for a little something, something at the very least.

Todd called a couple of times and I just couldn't get myself excited about going out with him and so kept making excuses. When he said to me, "Well, I think you're wicked hot," I knew there was no way in hell Todd and I were going to go on a date. Who says that? Is that a compliment? Really?

SOOOO.... getting to the point. I am now on a few dating web sites and who should pop up? You got it? Good ol' Todd. He emailed me once saying we should get together, not even realizing it was me I think. I did not respond. This morning I get another email from Todd. Subject line..... "What's Your Deal?"

He proceeds to ask me what my deal is and why I haven't responded. Is it because I think he is out of my league? 'Scuse me? Oh buddy....... out of my league? Really? My league consists of people who actually realize that "I think you're wicked hot" isn't exactly romance. In my league people know that gonna isn't a word, neither is hafta. In my league, people get the hint when someone isn't interested. Sure, yes, I think you are not in my league.

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