Saturday, March 13, 2010

Waving the White Flag, for God's Sake

Last weekend I had a date with a guy from Match. Before the date we had connected on facebook and again, the red flags were up. He was going through a divorce, (yes, I know, I am a SLOW learner with this divorce issue) and had just split up with the wife. He publicized the break-up process via facebook.

I should have known.

But, slow learner that I am, I thought to myself, well maybe that's how some people deal. They put it all out there and hope that their friends pull them through.

I should have known.

So, we had plans to meet at the bar when I got off work. One of my friends was at the bar (I did not plan this, I swear, I didn't) and she called me and told me, "He's not your type. Seriously, I can see this just by looking at him." But I thought, I'll give it a shot. I wasn't going to stand the guy up, that would not be right. This blind date stuff is hard going. You can't just stand someone up. So I headed down and met him.

I know, I know. You shouldn't judge a person by appearance. Or by the beers they drink. But when you put the two together, they reveal a lot about a person. This guy? Pabst Blue Ribbon and a NASCAR t-shirt. Are you getting the picture? So yes, red flags numbers two and three were planted firmly in the ground.

And then the way he kept staring at me. Not lovingly, not looking me in the eyes, but that creepy "I'm checking you out. Doesn't that turn you on?" kind of staring. I had to ask him to stop, that's how bad it was.

It was a short date, I bailed early. Why waste my time? I sent him an email (after three texts from him the next day) and tried to break it off gently. He proceeded to post three different status updates on facebook saying, "Alone again. So sick of being single" and "My life is like a bad country song." and then the kicker.... "Hard to keep your chin up when people keep knocking you down."

Can you say "Unfriend"?

So here I sit on this Saturday afternoon, about to jump in the shower and get ready for yet another blind date. I am waving my white flag. Please, please let this one be promising.

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